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This approach to healing is based upon the assumption that the client's presenting conflicts and emotional pain are most often the reflection of unhealed repressed childhood and past life trauma. These memories and their resultant fears and beliefs are held within the subconscious. While in trance or altered state and with the use of tools of Regression Hypnotherapy, Past Life Therapy and the client's own Inner Resources and other resources, these scenarios can be both healed and often rewritten. The result is often an immediate and dramatic change in the reflected daily world of the client and a significant improvement in their sense of well being.

Most of the negative emotional patterns of experience, trauma and negative conditioning experienced by a person in this life have been created by the emotional charged fields and beliefs associated  with trauma or difficult experiences in prior lives or early in this life. These fields or "energetic signatures" (called Sanskaras in Hinduism and Samskaras in Buddhism) are held within the soul like impressions on photographic film. A great deal of our experience in the outer world, feelings and beliefs we have about ourselves, or experiences in relationships with others is then colored, created, or magnetized by the beliefs, emotional charge or residue of those fields.

You could say that the "movie" of our life is, in large part, really a projection of the Light of our own Inner Being (Self) through that film, through those fields and memories still vibrating and alive within the soul. Our "movie" is then populated with people, events feelings and experiences that have arisen from those fields within our soul to be addressed with healing, learning, and growth.


In traditional regression and past life therapy the client is placed in a deeply relaxed state (though completely conscious) and expresses their intention to their subconscious to be taken to the root causal life of the current problem or theme. A good therapist will encourage them to feel the critical events in the past life and be "in" them. This may include the revewing death experience and some therapists may guide the client into the experience of the 'Life Between Lives". They then may revisist the events they had just been in in that life and reframe or rescript those events using their conscious mind. When facilitated in a thorough manner the process may include catharsis and the outcome a new rational minde understanding of the causes of the current life issue and some possible emotional clearing. Often the presenting issue may be resolved.


In The New Regression Therapy the client, after taking the past life journey to the "causal life", may be directed into the "Life Between Lives" where Divine Presence (Light of God, or great teacher or Angel of the White Light or the client's Higher Self) is brought into what still remains of the theme and feelings and beliefs carried out of that life that had originally been carried into the current life. The therapist asks that that Presence of the Divine come and touch the past life personality in the "life between lives" and the field (Sansakara) of those feelings and beliefs. The result is a complete dissolution of the once emotionally charged field and beliefs.


The client as that prior life personality carries that profound altered state of healing back to the just visited lifetime and feels and watches the impact of that state on that life. Where there was trauma, there may be no event or there may be protection or compassion. In some cases a whole lifetime seems to dissappear and be rewritten in the consciouness of the Inner Being (not rescripting by conscious mind). Sometimes other lifetimes that had been filled with the same charge and were part of that field or sanskara appear to be spontaneiously tranformed. The whole field or sanskara may have been lifted from the soul.


When the client returns to their current "movie" and life, the issue and theme, its "clues and triggers" are dissolved. In-sight may be carried with them, but mostly it is the total transformation of the issue into seemingly nonexistance.. No management or revisiting that prior life is needed.

For an over simplified example, one client might have a pattern of feeling abandoned or abandoning others in relationships in this life. In the regression she may experience the causal life where her mother was not emotionally present while the client (as the prior life personality) was in the womb. He mother in that life may have given her up for adoption and the father not around at all. There the client may have felt that absence of love and garnered the belief that she was not lovable or worthy of being loved. She dies alone and angry. In the "movie" of this life the theme is replicated, she is emotionally abandoned by her parents and grows up rejecting others or being rejected in relationship. But after one or two sessions of The New Regression Therapy, that whole theme is healed and she finds more and more people genuinely drawn to her and feels a greater capacity for both givng and receiving love.

Gestalt Therapy was developed and taught by Fritz Perls is the 1950s -70s. It is a "non trance"" therapy. Yet it is based upon the same assumptions as the hypnotherapy I use - that our apparent outer world is really only a reflection of our inner world. Through the heightening of our awareness of our process, feelings, and parts we can find ourselves moving through the emotional conflicts and entering into wholeness in the moment Many of the elements of Gestalt are integrated in the work I do in Regression Therapy.

This is a process of making use of significant dreams brought to the session by the client. I do not do interpretation of the dreams nor do I foster an intellectual interpretation of the dream by the client. Such interpretive work is too misleading and mentally distracting and only keeps the client away from the real solutions by avoiding the feelings of the core issues that reside in the dreams or that the dreams are an avenue to. Instead, I help the client to use the dream through application of Gestalt Therapy principles in trance state to come to an awakening and healing of the causes that the dreams are a mirror or reflection of.

Also known as spirit depossession, this process is based upon the pioneering work of Edith Fiore, Ph.D., William Baldwin, Ph.D., and others in the field. (See Resources/Book Reviews below). Spirit Releasement is a treatment process and releasing process of attached beings and energies, both demonic and other energies and earth bound (those who have died but not risen into the Light or the Heaven worlds). Such attachments can significantly affect client behavior, feelings, and attitudes usually without any conscious awareness on the part of the client. The documentation of the effect of attached beings and the results after releasement is significant. The end results of the releasement process are often dramatic, profound, and enduring.

REMOTE WORK including Remote Regression & Remote Spirit Releasement
This is the application of Regression Therapy and Spirit Releasement but the work is done through or with the presence of a surrogate for the client without the physical presence of the client. In Remote Work the surrogate either witnesses the client's presence and healing process or becomes the client participating in this therapy at the subconscious level. Through this connection the surrogate has the experience of the client's feelings, significant memory recalls, and inner experiences, spirit attachments and the healing and releasement processes.

Though clients or subjects usually have no conscious recall of the "remote" process, often they are aware of the differences in how they feel in themselves and the differences in how others in their life seem to be responding to them and with them. In a very classic case, one client repeated the very same words and phrases that she had expressed in the remote session through the surrogate three months prior. She had had no knowledge of the use of those phrases by her through the surrogate in that remote session.

Appropriate Applications of Remote Work This has been effectively used with young children, where vivid recall of "past lives" may otherwise have been too traumatic.

It has also been effectively used with clients of therapists where their client has seemed "stuck". The effect has usually been an opening that easily facilitates further work between the therapist and client.

Our application of Remote Work has been successful in many other circumstances including those where the client/subject could not be physically present due to various factors and where phone work would not have been appropriate. We have seen Remote Work applied successfully in family dynamic situations where it has had a positive and significant healing outcome not only on the client/subject, but also on the whole of the family and their core relationships.

Other Surrogates: Sometimes a parent of a child or a volunteer may be a very appropriate surrogate for a subject/client in a remote session.

Number of Remote Sessions: Sometimes several sessions are required, depending upon the request and intention. Some cases only require one session for the client or observer to see significant changes.


This is a straightforward effective process similar to a remote spirit releasement. The clearing is done away from the physical location and through myself and a surrogate who goes to visit the place (in spirit)to see what and who is there. We clear any entities and energies that have been identified. This is through loving persuasion and the use of Angels of the White Light. We then have the energy of the place sealed against any further intrusions.

This process is an extremely deep clearing done through a series of protocols of questions and instructions spoken directly to the subconscious while the client is in deep trance. This process generally circumvents the need for the client's conscious engagement with past pain, trauma, or other repressed memories. The intent is to facilitate the client's release from the subconscious and cellular memories those feelings, beliefs, experiences, habits, and patterns that are negatively associated with the theme or issue presented during the interview. I use the protocol as developed and trademarked by Anne DeChenne Drucker, C.Ht.

This is a deliberate choice of the client to pursue training and clearing in order to experience Illumination and Realization of the Self or God within through the use of the tools of hypnotherapy, meditation, teaching, Divine Presence, and initiation. Such a conscious request and intention by a client can eventually result in experiences and initiations that bring significant, permanent, and irreversible elevations or positive shifts in consciousness. It is a pathway to True Mastery by the Self. It is the return Home and an avenue for Universal Service in the Unity of All Being.

Hypnotherapy over the phone is very effective for many clients. These sessions are generally the same duration as regular in person sessions.

Angels are an integral part of my work. I invoke their assistance in a number of ways. Clients in altered or trance state in hypnotherapy readily experience their presence and workings when their presence is invoked.

Studies in the Journal of the International Association of Research and Regression Therapies clearly have indicated the impact of the consciousness of the therapist upon the healing of the client. Quantum Mechanics research and theory clearly shows the same the powerful impact upon the environment by the observer. This all confirms what I have known for my work to be meaningful - I have to show up consciously in sessions with my clients with a commitment to being a vehicle of Love and True Being and continue daily the explorative ventures within my own psyche and initiatory/healing path. There really is no other more powerful tool in psychotherapy or hypnotherapy than this.



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